Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sky Go doesn't work on 64-bit computers?

I recently experienced the "new and improved" Sky Go service, which has replaced Sky Player. I watched the A-Team film on it at the weekend which was a terrible experience. The film I mean Sky Go worked exactly the same as Sky Player did before it.

However, today I tried to watch something else and it failed to work for me, spouting "Error c:1501" whenever I tried to start a stream. So I did what most people would do and checked the forums for advise, but I couldn't see anything that worked for me. Then a box popped up telling me I could chat to an advisor, so I did. Here follows the transcript of my conversation, what a complete waste of time it turned out to be!

Chat InformationWelcome to Sky Live Chat Service. A Sky Advisor will be with you shortly.

Chat InformationYou are now connected with Graeme.

Graeme: Hello, you're chatting with Graeme, a Sky advisor, may I take your name please?

You: James

Graeme: Hi James, how are you today?

You: I'm trying to use the new "improved" Sky player, but I keep getting "Error c:1501"

Graeme: Ok we will have to do some troubleshooting which will take some time, are you ok to do this?

You: yes

Graeme: Great!

Graeme: Have you downloaded the Sky Go desktop?

You: yes

Graeme: Please can you right click anywhere on your open ‘Sky Go’ desktop and select ‘Remove This Application’. After the Sky Go desktop has been removed, please close all open browser windows on your PC except for the one in which we are chatting.

Graeme: Please let me know when you have done this.

You: okay, all done

Graeme: Excellent!

Graeme: What operating system are you using?

You: Windows 7 64-bit

Graeme: Ok you will be unable to use the 64 bit windows 7 can you try another version please.

You: how exactly would I do that?

You: Sky Player used to work for me

Graeme: Sky does not support 64 bit computers.

You: yes it does!

Graeme: Not Sky Go.

You: errr... yes.. you do. Unless you don't support any PC sold in the last 2 years!

Graeme: We do not support this sorry.

You: Or does the new Sky Go not support 64bit computers when Sky Player did? If so why?

You: Please check with your supervisor, you must be wrong. Sky Player worked!

Graeme: I am not wrong James we do not support 64 bit computers with Sky Go.

You: So how was I able to use Sky Player then?

Graeme: This is a different platform and it does not support 64 bit computers.

You: So your new and improved player doesn't support ANY PC sold in the last 2 or more years?!

Graeme: We do not support 64 bit computers on Sky Go.

You: Again, virtually every computer on sale today is 64-bit. So are you saying Sky Go does not support ANY new PC?

Graeme: I am saying that Sky Go does not support 64 bit computers.

You: Look, this is crazy. Sky Player worked fine on 64bit Windows 7. Do you mean it doesn't work in a 64 bit browser?

Graeme: Unfortunately we currently do not support 64 bit systems if you go to the Sky Help forum you can find additional information there.

You: Sorry Graeme, you clearly don't know what you are talking about. Sky Player/Go does work on 64bit computers. I am using Firefox 5 which is a 32bit browser, do you actually understand the difference here?

Graeme: Unfortunately we cannot provide any support with this operating system currently, however I want to help you the best I can which is why I have directed you to the help forum as I am aware there is postings up there which will answer your questions.

You: I've already checked the Forum, it didn't help. That's why I came to here. Can I please talk to someone who actually knows what a computer is, you obviously don't have the required knowledge or expertise to help me.

Graeme: Our company considers that content and language to be inappropriate. If you continue to send improper messages, I will be forced to end our chat session.

You: How was that inappropriate? Do you understand the difference between a 64-bit OS and a the 32-bit software it can run?

Graeme: I am not here to tell you the difference between the software. I am here for support and I am currently unable to support you.

You: Which indicates to me that you don't have the required knowledge or expertise, which is why I have asked to talk to someone else. Seems perfectly reasonable to me!

Graeme: If you wish to speak to someone else you can end the chat and speak to another advisor if you reconnect.