Wednesday, 10 December 2008

It's in the can

Well the recording of Noel's Christmas Presents has taken place. It all seemed to go very well, even though it took over an hour longer to record than scheduled due to retakes. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute, but I'm not sure I'm interested in working in the TV industry. Not that I ever had any intentions of doing so, but nothing about the week has made me feel inclined to pursue it as a career path. I'd never say never, but I think theatre is where my heart is for now at least.

The show is already a fading memory, the very next day I was straight on to the next job. It's now time for Pantomime, this year I have the delights of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We're currently in technical rehearsals and opening night is Friday evening. So lots to cram in to get the show fit for the paying public.

Still got the transmission of the show to look forward to though. If you are interested in seeing my beautiful theatre in all its glory here are all the confirmed transmission dates for the show. First broadcast is on the 21st December on Sky One at 6pm, it is then repeated as follows:

Mon 22/12 11.00 Sky1

Mon 22/12 20.00 Sky2

Wed 24/12 18.00 Sky1

Thurs 25/12 10.00 Sky1

Thurs 25/12 16.00 Sky1

Thurs 25/12 21.00 Sky2

Fri 26/12 15.00 Sky1

Sat 27/12 20.00 Sky1

Sun 28/12 09.00 Sky2

Mon 29/12 08.30 Sky Real Lives

Mon 29/12 09.30 Sky Real Lives +1

Mon 29/12 11.00 Sky1

Mon 29/12 20.30 Sky Real Lives

Mon 29/12 21.30 Sky Real Lives +1

They certainly like to get their money's worth out of a show like this! There are no excuses for missing it, unless you don't have Sky I guess.

For now, "hi ho, hi ho, it's off to bed I go"..... more rehearsals tomorrow!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Noel's Christmas Presents

So the lighting and sound is in, the set is up and the cameras are ready to roll! This whole week has been utterly crazy, a complete whirlwind. So much activity, so many people.... what do they all do? I have no idea!

Apart from a days rehearsal tomorrow we are pretty much ready to go. It's a really alien concept this TV malarkey though. So much time, money and effort goes into one performance, then it all gets ripped down and thrown away. Nothing like a week of shows or even a tour, just a one hit wonder. Of course the whole thing gets captured on film but it's not the same as a live show.

Haven't had a chance to take any photos until today but here is the finished set. It's looking pretty festive! I'll let you decide how it measures up to the model I posted earlier in the week.

Here's another photo from another angle, this time with one of the many cameras in shot.

So we've just got a day of rehearsal tomorrow with Mr Noel Edmunds and then record the programme in the evening. At which point someone will shout "That's a wrap", and the really hard work begins of dismantling it all into the early hours of Sunday morning!