Wednesday, 10 December 2008

It's in the can

Well the recording of Noel's Christmas Presents has taken place. It all seemed to go very well, even though it took over an hour longer to record than scheduled due to retakes. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute, but I'm not sure I'm interested in working in the TV industry. Not that I ever had any intentions of doing so, but nothing about the week has made me feel inclined to pursue it as a career path. I'd never say never, but I think theatre is where my heart is for now at least.

The show is already a fading memory, the very next day I was straight on to the next job. It's now time for Pantomime, this year I have the delights of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We're currently in technical rehearsals and opening night is Friday evening. So lots to cram in to get the show fit for the paying public.

Still got the transmission of the show to look forward to though. If you are interested in seeing my beautiful theatre in all its glory here are all the confirmed transmission dates for the show. First broadcast is on the 21st December on Sky One at 6pm, it is then repeated as follows:

Mon 22/12 11.00 Sky1

Mon 22/12 20.00 Sky2

Wed 24/12 18.00 Sky1

Thurs 25/12 10.00 Sky1

Thurs 25/12 16.00 Sky1

Thurs 25/12 21.00 Sky2

Fri 26/12 15.00 Sky1

Sat 27/12 20.00 Sky1

Sun 28/12 09.00 Sky2

Mon 29/12 08.30 Sky Real Lives

Mon 29/12 09.30 Sky Real Lives +1

Mon 29/12 11.00 Sky1

Mon 29/12 20.30 Sky Real Lives

Mon 29/12 21.30 Sky Real Lives +1

They certainly like to get their money's worth out of a show like this! There are no excuses for missing it, unless you don't have Sky I guess.

For now, "hi ho, hi ho, it's off to bed I go"..... more rehearsals tomorrow!


  1. Well, I caught the end of it yesterday, just to see your theatre. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch it for long as Noel Edmunds made me want to punch the TV. So I didn't see much of the place. It was smaller than I was expecting!

  2. Well it's not massive, it seats around 650. But it does have stalls, dress circle and a grand circle so it's not small either. Many towns would be very gratefully to have a venue like mine in them.

    We are bigger than a number of west end theatres too, some of which are stupidly tiny for the size of shows that go in them. Our stage is very accommodating, it has a very high proscenium arch which helps immensely with viewing angles. It's got full flying hight up to the grid (that's where all the lighting and scenery are hung above the stage) at over 45ft. There is a large scene dock stage left, and a large workshop / storage area stage right.

    There are other venues in Eastbourne as well. Such as the much larger Congress theatre which is a No.1 touring venue and holds 1,700. But it's a horrible place built in the 60's and is basically a concrete warehouse. Then there is the really beautiful Devonshire Park Theatre which seats 900 and the Winter Gardens which can accommodate 1,300 seated and even more standing.

    That sounds like I'm getting all defensive, and I supposed I am a bit. But you are right, we aren't the largest venue, but in terms of Victorian theatres, mine is up there with the best of them! After all, we aren't a stadium or opera house. It's a theatre.