Saturday, 24 May 2008

Britain's Got Talent

I've just heard that two good friends of mine have made it through to the live finals of "Britain's Got Talent". The friends in question are Sam and Vicki, aka Vizage, the quick change illusion act. It's common in my business to make friends with loads of people who you'll never see again once the show is over. However, in Sam and Vicki I've found that not to be the case, they are great people and true professionals in their field.

I've known Sam and Vicki for a many years now and have worked with them extensively on shows in the past. I am really pleased they've made it through because I was a bit concerned they may not progress past the preliminary stage after their audition didn't go as well as could be expected.

If you saw the audition then you'll know what I mean and if you didn't then you can see it on YouTube:

I know that the pair of them have practised long and hard honing this act until it is perfect. Unfortunately on the day of the audition Vicki's nerves got the better of her voice, but hopefully she'll be on top of her game for the next round. I'll certainly be giving them my full support and vote, watch out for them next week! Good luck guys.

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