Thursday, 22 May 2008

So I got a blog

Well it took me a while, but I finally succumbed to the blogging phenomenon. I've already made my first post which was a rant about car insurance, so this is just a quick follow up. I'm not really sure why I've started a blog or who I expect to read it, if anyone. Perhaps it has something to do with me turning 30 at the weekend, I dunno. But anyway, here it is, let's see if I can keep it active.

I'll probably use this blog to talk about anything interesting that happens to me, so it probably won't get updated very often! I'll also use it to talk about games, post my impressions and my progress. I already read a few gaming diaries and while this won't be quite as detailed as some of those (deKay and TheRev I'm looking at you) I'll try and keep it relatively up to date with what I'm playing.

So, to kick things off what am I playing now.... well, nothing! You see my lovely 21" wide screen monitor that I use for my 360 has been sent away to hospital. It needs a new back light and with only a few days of the 12 month guarantee remaining I decided I needed to act. So until that returns in a week or so I won't be able to get my CoD4 fix, or make any more progress on GTA4.

Fortunately I can still use the Wii on my other TV, but I'm not really playing anything on that at the moment. Perhaps I should, I've got plenty of games I've not completed including the rather fantastic Super Mario Galaxy. I also have Zelda which I've barely touched and Metroid too. I really should take this opportunity to give these games a good outing, but I just don't seem to have any enthusiasm for the Wii at the moment.

I guess that's about all I have to talk about for the time being. Actually another thought just crossed my mind. Perhaps I created this blog because I don't have my 360 to play, when my monitor returns this might all be forgotten. Time will tell....


  1. Happy Birthday!! and welcome to blogging of course