Tuesday, 10 June 2008

James likes to

A friend of mine just did this on her blog and I thought I'd give it a go myself. Basically you type "(your name) likes to" into Google, including the speech marks. Then you copy and paste the results, here are mine:

- James likes to, write down the first 10 search results. Hmmm, someone's obviously been here before me. I guess it's right though because I'm doing exactly that now.

- James likes to relax by swimming, walking the coastal footpath with Jane or catching up with the TV programmes he's recorded. Well, I don't know anyone called Jane and I don't do much swimming. I am always playing catch up with the TV though.

- James likes to capture stories as they happen. Errrm, not sure I've ever captured a story before but if someone wants to tell me what sort of net is needed I'll give it a go.

- James likes to get high on. Get high on what? I need to know!

- James likes to go for long walks with Laurie on the beach, likes to buy her flowers. I sense a bit of a theme here, apparently people called James like the sea, but again I don't know any Laurie's.

- James likes to watch fat porn. Apparently so, who am I to argue with that. (I don't by the way, but perhaps I should give it a go)

- James likes to keep it hot. Oh yeah!

- James likes to pull Susan's pony tail. Again I don't know any Susan's either.

- James likes to play football as much as possible and DJ in clubs and radio in his spare time. A very definite no on all counts there!

- James likes to go out at the weekend (not on "school nights" any more as the next morning is too hard!). Well I tend to work weekends so technically I guess that means I'm out, but I haven't been been to school in years.

What does Google think you like to do?

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  1. Cool game! Some highlights of mine are:

    Harry likes to spend your money.
    Harry likes to wake at the crack of noon, blog and porn from the library.
    Harry likes to eat things that wriggle and crackle.
    Harry likes to rock in the original 50’s rock ‘n’ roll style.
    Harry likes to get the opposing captain worked up.